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List of Accepted Papers

Kim Thang Nguyen. A Greedy Algorithm for Subspace Approximation.
Tesshu Hanaka, Ioannis Katsikarelis, Michael Lampis, Yota Otachi and Florian Sikora. Parameterized Orientable Deletion.
Fedor Fomin, Petr Golovach, Torstein Strømme and Dimitrios Thilikos. Partial complementation of graphs.
Hicham El-Zein, Ian Munro and Yakov Nekrich. Succinct Dynamic One-Dimensional Point Reporting.
Alexander Pilz. Planar 3-SAT with a Clause/Variable Cycle.
Michael Mitzenmacher, Konstantinos Panagiotou and Stefan Walzer. Load Thresholds for Cuckoo Hashing with Double Hashing.
Ahmad Biniaz, Anil Maheshwari and Michiel Smid. Flip Distance to some Plane Configurations.
Takehiro Ito and Yota Otachi. Reconfiguration of Colorable Sets in Classes of Perfect Graphs.
Khaled Elbassioni and Kazuhisa Makino. Enumerating Vertices of 0/1-Polyhedra associated with 0/1-Totally Unimodular Matrices.
Luis Barba, Michael Hoffmann, Matias Korman and Alexander Pilz. Convex hulls in polygonal domains.
Andreas Emil Feldmann and Dániel Marx. The Parameterized Hardness of the k-Center Problem in Transportation Networks.
Shang-En Huang and Seth Pettie. Lower Bounds on Sparse Spanners, Emulators, and Diameter-reducing shortcuts.
Evripidis Bampis, Bruno Escoffier, Michael Lampis and Vangelis Paschos. Multistage Matchings.
Lingxiao Huang, Yifei Jin and Jian Li. SVM via Saddle Point Optimization: New Bounds and Distributed Algorithms.
Therese Biedl, Ahmad Biniaz and Martin Derka. On the size of outer-string representations.
Prosenjit Bose and Thomas Shermer. Gathering by Repulsion.
Diptarka Chakraborty and Debarati Das. Sparse Weight Tolerant Subgraph for Single Source Shortest Path.
Mikhail Rudoy and Erik Demaine. Tree-Residue Vertex-Breaking: a new tool for proving hardness.
Prosenjit Bose, Sander Verdonschot, Ahmad Biniaz and Aurelien Ooms. Improved Bounds for Guarding Plane Graphs with Edges.
Hee-Kap Ahn, Eunjin Oh, Lena Schlipf, Fabian Stehn and Darren Strash. On Romeo and Juliet Problems: Minimizing Distance-to-Sight.
Prosenjit Bose, Paz Carmi, J. Mark Keil, Saeed Mehrabi and Debajyoti Mondal. Boundary Labeling for Rectangular Diagrams.
Lijie Chen, Ran Duan, Ruosong Wang, Hanrui Zhang and Tianyi Zhang. An Improved Algorithm for Incremental DFS Tree in Undirected Graphs.
Omrit Filtser and Matthew Katz. Algorithms for the discrete Frechet distance under translation.
Lukasz Kowalik and Arkadiusz Socala. Tight Lower Bounds for List Edge Coloring.
Sutanu Gayen and Vinodchandran Variyam. New algorithms for distributed sliding windows.
Pankaj Agarwal, Neeraj Kumar, Stavros Sintos and Subhash Suri. Computing Shortest Paths in the Plane with Removable Obstacles.
Matthias Bentert, Josef Malík and Mathias Weller. Tree Containment With Soft Polytomies.
Yuancheng Yu, Lijie Chen, Erik D. Demaine, Yuzhou Gu, Virginia Vassilevska Williams and Yinzhan Xu. Nearly Optimal Separation Between Partially And Fully Retroactive Data Structures.
Petr Golovach, Pinar Heggernes, Athanasios Konstantinidis, Paloma Lima and Charis Papadopoulos. Parameterized Aspects of Strong Subgraph Closure.
Ahmed Abdelkader and David Mount. Economical Delone Sets for Approximating Convex Bodies.