Malmö can be easily reached by public transport or car:

  • Copenhagen Airport: Trains from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö run every 20 minutes, the trains run via the Öresund bridge. Travel time approx 30 mins. For further information on train times and tickets see SJ (Swedish railway) (enter "Copenhagen Airport" to "Malmö C"). Cost: 111SEK one-way.
  • Malmö Airport: The local airport can be reached mainly from airports in Eastern Europe. Busses from the airport to the city run about twice per hour. Travel time approx 40 mins. For tickets and schedule information see Flygbussarna. Cost: 105SEK one-way.
  • Train from Europe: Most trains from Europe run via Copenhagen and the Öresund bridge.
  • Bus/Coach from Europe: a low cost alternative is Flixbus.
  • Arlanda Airport, Stockholm: Arlanda is north of Stockholm, and it will take you about 5-5.5 hrs to travel from Arlanda to Malmö which makes it not the best alternative for travel (unless you intend to combine it with a trip to Stockholm). Train time from Stockholm C (direct train) approx 4.5 hours, from Arlanda approx 5-5.5 hours. For further information on train times and tickets see SJ (enter "Arlanda C" or "Stockholm C" to "Malmö C").
  • By car: Malmö is easy to reach by car from both north and south. If you are coming from Europe, there are plenty of ferry connections from Germany and Poland. From Denmark you can either drive over the Öresund Bridge or take the ferry between Helsingør and Helsingborg. If you take the bridge, the pay station is on the Swedish side.
  • From the main station (Centralstation) the conference venue (Niagara building, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1) is only a few minutes walk, any public transportation or taxi will take longer. For bus transportation around Malmö and the region of Skåne see Skånetrafiken for bus times.

Venue and Accomodation

The SWAT symposium will take place at the Niagara building, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, in Malmö.